OSMC on TV and 7'' Touchscreen

Hey there,

I’m writing regarding a problem which occured during my latest raspberrry pi project.
In this project I want to run OSCM on my raspberry pi 3 and controll it using my waveshare 7’’ touch screen. I also would like to use my TV as an output.

What I did was I plugged my external powered HDMI splitter into my raspberry pi. Afterwards I’ve plugged in my TV using a 10m hdmi cable on output 1 and my touchscreen on output 2. The touch screen is being powered by one of my raspberry pi usb ports. The touch controll is also given over this usb cable. My raspberry pi is powered by my 2,5A 5V power adapter.

Waveshare suggested in the product describtion that i should write the following text into the config.txt file.

hdmi_cvt 1024 600 60 6 0 0 0

After doing that I have started the whole system. It looked fine at first but when I’ve played one song, there was no audio. And after a few reboots the raspberry pi changed the config.txt file and the touchscreen stopped working. After deleting the few new lines i had the same result as before.

After reading the following article about the config.txt settings I’ve changed a few properties which seemed incorrect to me. But then everything stopped working. The tv and the touchscreen showed a black screen.

My 2 questions are:

Why does the raspberry pi automatically change the config.txt?
Which which lines should i write into the config.txt in order to solve this problem?

Best regards,

It doesn’t. It will only change if you open My OSMC (this is where you should set your settings) or if your card is not saving changes properly

Are you sure the screen supports audio?

Thank you

My touchscreen doesn’t support audio, but my tv does.

The larger problem, Kodi doesn’t support dual screens.

It worked with both screens, eccept the audio.

Interesting. I had not seen such a setup without x11 previously.

Can I solve this problem by trying to change somer properties in the config.txt or is there another solution?

After a few hours of troubleshooting I decided to change a few things. Instead of running OSMC on my micro-sd card I’ve installed Kodi on raspian. After the first start everything looked perfect. Now I’m able to controll raspbian using my touchscreen. But when I

  • start a video on youtube
  • start kodi
  • play a song on vlc media player

the touchscreen stopps working but the tv doesnt. But when i close kodi, youtube or vlc the touchscreen starts working again.
That’s probably the strangest raspberry pi issue I’ve ever seen.
After that I tried to change a few things in the config.txt but without any results.

You might have more luck on the Pi forums. Kodi won’t be using X on Raspbian so you probably will have the same issue. We can only advise re OSMC