OSMC or OpenElec

Morning all,

Hoping you can help me… I have been running RaspBMC on my Raspberry Pi B+ for a few months now and have just taken delivery of the new Raspberry Pi 2. I now have to decide whether to run the newly released OpenElec or OSMC? Are there any pros / cons to either? etc etc.

Hope someone can help a relatively ‘newbie’ out!

For me OSMC is a good futur product…

But the Alpha is not ready yet.

So for me i have a Raspberry of test with OSMC and a “production” with Openelec.

I have a raspberry pi 2 in delivery too … and openelec have already a release.

I hope OSMC in beta soon … for my production.

Thanks for the response. I thought OSMC had been “officially” released for raspberry pi 2. I didn’t see anything mentioned about still being in alpha / beta… I will have to go for OpenElec (at least for noe) then.