OSMC paranormal behaviour

since a week I get this very strange behaviour

OSMC 2016.04-1 on RPI2

Under /home/osmc if I delete any file/dir (example all the files under /home/osmc/.kodi/temp) or uninstalling any add-ons; on the next reboot they will come back entirely. I’ve try to mount the SDCard on my PC and delete successfully the files, but plugging back on RPI all the files are there!

The owner of /home/osmc is correct (osmc:osmc), the fstab seems correct to me (not in ro)

/dev/mmcblk0p1 /boot vfat defaults,noatime 0 0
/dev/mmcblk0p2 / ext4 defaults,noatime 0 0

The kodi,log seems ok to me http://pastebin.com/kZcDKdvm
dmesg as well http://pastebin.com/W1NqyEYs

Tomorrow I’ll by a new SDCard to start from scratch; but in any case can someone give me an idea?


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Sounds as though you already have one - get a new SD card :slight_smile:

If you search the fora (forums, if you prefer) I believe you’ll find a few similar cases … not all SD cards are created equal! :slight_smile:

(love the way you reported this - “paranormal behaviour” :slight_smile:) …

:slight_smile: I was thinking on that; the system is up and always on since a year…

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With a modern, good quality, SD card, that shouldn’t be an issue.

However …

Not all SD cards are created equal! I’ve had a few fakes sold to me over the years, some of them very convincing. I’m not saying you’ve got a fake card, but there really is a difference between the high quality and cheaper cards, whether sold as (fake) branded or not.
I’ve used Samsung Evo (various versions) cards for many, many years and found them reliable - to the point I now won’t buy anything else. Some of the, even actually good quality (and not branded fake), other cards I’ve used have had less than 1/100th the service life-time.

I suspect that’ll be your problem - new SD card, and you won’t have any issues. Also though, I’m sure that if you do, some of the very helpful OSMC team will get you all sorted out :slight_smile:

I think I have a good and quality one, but in the last week I worked heavily on my add-on and I rebooted RPI quite a lot…that can be the reason… tomorrow I’ll see with a new one and reconfigure everything :-/

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Ok confirmed; changing the SD card everything is fine

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