OSMC + Pi2 + USB tv tuner

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First off I’ve never actually used a Pi before, or Linux as a matter of fact, but I’ve found a guide on how to install Raspbmc (I assume OSMC set up is the same), but my question is does osmc support tv tuners/installation of tv tuner drivers. (I have purchased just a generic cheap tuner from ebay)

Sorry if this is a silly question as I have no experience with the platform, while I like kodi streams I would like live dvb-t tv.

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Yes ,-) you can use USB tuners… i do it my self with a DVB-C USB tuner… but not all hardware is supportet… and the software (tvheadend) that is used is not working yet… but will do soon ;-).

you can check out Tvheadend on google and search in the forum…

Hi Froobage/OSMCers,

I just found your question via google and I was wondering how you got on with your generic tuner from ebay? I dont want to spend silly money on a tuner, as it maybe more trouble than its worth in the long run. I was looking at something like the following:


Cheap and cheerful though or waste of time on a RPi2 ?!

Hi liamoncond,

It’s hard to know witch work and don’t, just by looking at the specs, we need hardware ID/product ID the chip can also help, and this is info they don’t say on shop pages.

The ID’s is uniq to linux so it have to be plugin to a linux computer to see.

maybe you can find someone via google that reports the hardware ID+, or find more info here:

There is also the chance you can finde another tuner model that a OSMC user confirms work, and buy that.

see more here:


Harry L,

Thanks for your response. I said I would return to share my solution. I ended up buying a Linux TV box with DVB-T2 and dual DVB-S2 tuners. This runs Enigma 2 and allows me to stream from it using an m3u/strm stream over my network as well as HDMI out to my main TV. Kodi/OSMC has a plugin for Enigma 2 allowing it to pull EPG data and stream live TV from the Linux TV box.

As a result, I do not need to have an externally powered USB hub or multiple concurrent individual tuners (which I am not sure that OSMC even supports ?!), leading to a physically cleaner solution. Like a TVHeadend setup, multiple clients on the network can also stream from the Linux TV Box. This allows me to have a portable TV solution via wireless or ethernet anywhere in the house via an RPi2, allows multiple clients to stream up to the limit of the number of tuners on the TV box and also solved an issue where my AVR (Pioneer) had an issue transmitting TV signals/frequencies via HDMI out 2 to a projector (streaming via an m3u file on OSMC/Kodi does not suffer from this).

The Linux box was the Alien Amiko 2 Triple tuner running both Spark and Enigma 2 (default) in case your wondering.