OSMC plus Roku keeps AVR and TV on

My setup is an raspberry pi 3 running the latest OSMC and a Roku XS connected to a Yamaha RX-V731 via HDMI. The Yamaha receiver then is outputting HDMI to a Vizio 55" TV. I also have an old Sony Blu ray DVD connected to the Yamaha. I have CEC control and ARC enabled on my devices. I also have a Sony universal remote. Except for the Roku, I have programmed the universal remote to work with all devices. Very convenient.

Before I could power off/on the TV and it would turn off/on the Yamaha with no problem. The rPi and Roku would stay on, which is OK since they sip power. You also can’t power on the rPi with a remote. So it was working out great.

The problem I ran into is now after upgrading to the latest OSMC, I can’t keep both the Roku and rPi 3 powered on when I turn off the TV and receiver. As soon as I turn off the TV, the receiver would turn off and then immediately back on in one second. Then after about 10 seconds the TV would turn back on. Zombie electronics that refuse to die!

I tried changing the CEC settings on the OSMC, but nothing helped. The TV and receiver don’t have any other CEC settings other than turning it on or off. Finally unplugging the Roku solved my problem, but it took me a few days to figure that out. The choices I have now are shutting the rPi or the Roku box down. Once I do that the TV and receiver stay off.

I decided I no longer needed the Roku box, so I have working solution. I was wondering if anyone else ran into this issue and if they found another solution.

We have seen similar reports (involving chromecast previously iirc). Unfortunately this is an upstream issue from the developer of the cec functions GitHub - Pulse-Eight/libcec: USB CEC Adapter communication Library http://libcec.pulse-eight.com/. Might be worth addressing with them.