OSMC potentially unwanted addon:plugin.video

Im getting this error message when I update my RP2 from RC 2 to RC 3… “OSMC potentially unwanted addon:plugin.video…” Problem is the warning message is cutoff. I have no idea what addon its referring to…

Is there a list of addons somewhere that are incompatible with OSMC that I missed?

I am getting the same message, no idea what the add on is, how do I find out and remove it?

I would think the warning should come when you’re installing the add-on Not when you’re updating the software…

I happened to me last night when the Genesis Addon was updating…it is the first time I received this warning message on RC3 never occurred on RC2

I hope Genesis is not the add-on that causes problems with OSMC - that would be a major OSMC fail

It may be Genesis, and if so, this is an error. It will be resolved shortly. It’s intention is to alert in the presence of so called “wizards” from third parties which are notorious for taking liberties with one’s system that will be to the detriment of OSMC’s user experience. Changing to a different skin will allow one to see exactly what addon is being flagged here. This is another symptom of the skin being incomplete currently.

Are yo uable to add the add-on name to the error messge? I’d hate to change the skin as I have so much setup in the OSMC skin currently and would hate to have to go back and re-configure everything.

The addon name is in the message but the skin is cutting it off.

You don’t lose your skin settings when you switch to another skin and back again.

I just did a fresh install and reinstalled all my add-ons… Maybe this is just a liability type thing…

The following were add-ons marked as “Unwanted”:

Im sure this isnt a complete list, just the add-ons that I use that were flagged

im getting the same message for genesis and an addon called ph streams which I haven’t got ?

PH Streams is Phoenix

is there anyway to stop these popups really doing my swad in now. popping up all the time ?

Fix is coming shortly.

I am glad to hear there is a fix coming soon. I certainly enjoy OSMC, and surprisingly have come to love the skin that is enveloping it. This RC3 update has caused a panic - not by me of course. I’m at work, minding my own business, and my lady sends me a text to tell me she’s freaking out because “there’s a virus on the tv!” - only this warning.

As she’s the least technically inclined person I know (yet incredibly medically savvy being a nurse) she was so afraid to touch anything, she just gasp left the house and participated in the outside world, as we’ve been cable cutters for several years now.

It would be fantastic if this fix being released only warns upon the installation, and never again for a particular program that OSMC feels is… Well you know where I’m going with this. Either way, a one-time-only “hay stahp it” would be great, not at every update.

This seems to have been fixed Thanks

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