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I’m using RPi3 with Raspbian to connect my “no so smart” TV to my lan (media server etc.) with Proxy ARP (BridgeNetworkConnectionsProxyArp - Debian Wiki). I have another RPi3 with OSMC to watch Twitch etc. In OSMC there is connman and I have problem to configure ProxyARP in OSMC. I want connect my RPI (osmc) to lan via wifi and TV via RPis eth0 to lan to get media server, RPi and TV in one network. Is it possible?
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Your description is difficult to understand so first perhaps we can clarify what you want.

It looks like your TV has an ethernet socket and you are using the Raspbian RPi 3 as a wireless bridge to connect the TV to your wired LAN via a WiFi router. Correct?

No problem. The RPi 3 with OSMC can connect to your LAN’s router using its built-in WiFi. No need for any proxy arp bridges, AFAICT.

This is where it get unclear to me. Are you referring to the proxy arp bridge, which you’ve already described, or is this something else? Using the proxy arp bridge, your TV is already connected to your LAN, and therefore to your media server.

It’s also unclear (though there might be a good reason) why you want to connect your TV to the LAN via WiFi and have a parallel connection from OSMC to the LAN, again via WiFi. Perhaps you could explain what you want to achieve.


But maybe I start from begining.

I have Asus RT-N56U (main router - [MR])( and additional router Linksys WRT54G (with DD-WRT - [R])( I have Synology DS( connected by cable to [MR]. [MR] gives wifi with (SSID1). [R] gives (SSID2) and it’s configured as repeater-bridge. All routing and dhcp is on [MR] only. To [R] i connect TV1( and PC( by cabel. My TV2 also has only ethernet socket. To TV2 I have connected RPi3 with OSMC ( [RO]. There is no problem to connect RPi3 using its built-in WiFi but to have acces to my Media Server in TV2 i must connect it to my LAN. Ok, I have connection via OSMC and there is no problem but using it by my childs (2 and 6 years old) or they grandparents its not so simple. For them I want to connect TV2 to lan and they can watch cartoons on TV1 and TV2 (I mus’nt copy them to the usb drives etc.). My first solution was makeing bridge connection using Proxy ARP and RPi3 with Raspbian [RR]. RR connected to [SSID1] and to TV2( via eth0 works pefecktly. TV2 gets IP from [MR]. I want to do the same with [RO] but in OSMC is connman and I don’t know what to do. Now I can switch sd card in RPi3. When I want to watch Twitch or VOD i use OSMC (becouse its pretty and I like it) when my childs wants cartoons when, I’m not at home, they use Raspbian. It is not comfortable and i think that OSMC can do that. Maybe there is simplest way to use eth0 in OSMC to get what I want (All devices in one network (192.168.2.X)).

Wow, that’s a heavy description! All good information.

So it looks like the Raspbian RPi 3 does nothing except act as a wireless bridge from TV2 to [MR]. Correct?

If the OSMC RPi 3 could also give the same bridge functionality as the Raspbian box, you could free up the Raspbian RPi, which would be nice.

Well, I’ve never used it myself, but OSMC has a tethering capability. Perhaps someone who knows OSMC better could say whether OSMC’s implementation of tethering would give you what you need.

Yep, but also [RR] do what it can. I use it as mini computer with 39 inch monitor :wink:

Nobody has answered the question about tethering and the OSMC wiki on the subject resembles a black hole but I reckon it should(?) work. So why not give it a go?

You’ve already configured WiFi on the [RO] box, so enable tethering: My OSMc > Network and connect [RO] to TV2 by cable. You’ll just have a different mini-computer on your 39 inch “monitor”.

Enable DNS proxying in /etc/connman.prefs and tethering should work fine.

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