OSMC PVR pop-up and automatically start add-ons

Hey everyone!
Let me start off by saying this has been an awesome community, it has helped me get my first Pi3 up and running with Kodi and OSMC. I have live TV working through a network connected HDHomerun Extend.

I am having two “issues” I would like to solve. I have already search and couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for:

  1. I keep getting this popup every time OSMC starts that says:

No PVR add-on enable
You need a tuner, backend software, and an add-on for the backend to be able to use PVR. Please visit kodi.wiki/view/PVR to learn more

I have double and triple checked the Live TV settings and while I could not find an “enable/disable” option, all options are set a default and I haven’t changed anything. The HDHomerun add-on works fine with the live TV (I do not have any PVR or DVR functionality setup as I don’t need that) which is what I am currently using. Any ideas?

  1. I know there are a million threads on here about runnings scripts after boot. And I even read the OSMC wiki page about doing so, but all I want to do is to have the HDHomerun add-on automatically start after OSMC finishes booting. That is all is use OSMC for, I don’t use any of the other functions so it would be ideal for it go right into that so the Live TV would just start.
    I tried looking for the /etc/rc.local file in the .kodi directory but there was no “etc” folder or “rc.local” file. I tried adding it but it is not working. Any help in this are would also be very much appreciated.

Thank you! I appreciate your time in responding! Le the know if I need to provide anything else!

I have tried additional troubleshooting steps, including a complete reinstall, but same thing.

No one else has seen this or had this problem?

  1. As I understand it, you would need to install/enable PVR HDHomeRun Client. Not sure how you are able to view TV without it.

  1. I suspect what you are looking for is a script to run after Kodi starts. rc.local is not the place for that. What I have is Settings - Interface - Other - Startup window set to TV Guide. no need for scripts, but if you need something special, the Kodi forum is the best place to look.
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Thank you @grahamh!!! This is exactly what the problem was. I don’t know why, but I had installed the HDHomeRun app I believe, not be confused with the PVR HDHomeRun Client, as you suggested. So the error message was descriptive enough in hindsight but I wasn’t aware that I had essentially download the HDHomerun app and has to launch that every time I wanted to watch TV instead of just the PVR HDHomeRun as you recommended!

Thank you so much. The PVR HDHomeRun Client also auto-launches as you described.

Thank you thank you thank you!