OSMC Raspberry Pi Power Supply

MY current RPi3+ has started acting up and displaying the “low power” lightning bolt in the upper right hand corner pretty much all the time. So I figure the power block I have for it is worn out and not doing the job anymore.

I thought I’d help support Sam’s work here by buying a power supply from the OSMC store.

I have mounted my RPi on the back of my TV for a neat installation. The current power cord is routed thru a passage in the wall to come out and plug into a nearby wall outlet. It takes a 6-foot (183 cm) power cord to reach properly.

How long is the cord on the RPi power supply in the OSMC store?

I don’t know the answer to that but long power cords on high current 5v devices are problematic as the cord itself is often restrictive enough to cause a voltage drop. If at all possible it is generally better to run a shorter power cable and a longer hdmi through the wall.

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Not sure, but I think max 70cm. So not direct fitting your needs.
Actually I have a similar setup (with a Vero). But I also have the power supplier behind the TV taking the 220v from the TV power plug.