OSMC Raspberry pi2 + NAS + Access from internet

hello, i’m trying to use my raspberry pi2 as a NAS to be able to get access to the attached HDD in order to stream music off of it outside my network.
i can do that just fine from my wifi by using samba but how can i do it to access from the internet?

You’d need to set up port-forwarding on your router (To bring someone from the outside into your network) and then either have a static ip address or use some kind of name resolution tool to be able to target your specific network from the remote location. A VPN would likely be the best way to do this but that might not suit your requirements.

Be very careful with this though and look quite hard at how the security is set up, one false move and you might be granting someone unknown access to your files.

i read a lot of how tos on the sit ebut can’t figure out which one is best for me. i understand that using a vpn is the better way, how can i do that?

I recommend openVPN for that, you have apps for iOS, Android and a little bit more secure then PPTP…as you can used certificates for authentication, instead of username pass…
It is not very easy to setup but is quite reliable afterwards, I don’t know how will perform for music streaming using samba over the VPN…
There are some other tool quite interesting for music streaming but not for free: subsonic/ medsonic.
or owncloud with some addons…

for openvpn I used this tutorial.
p.s. for all of them I recommend dynamic dns if you don’t have a static IP address from you ISP(which most of us don’t have)

i don’t have a static ip of course but i use no ip ddns however i can’t seem to find ddns support for raspberry pi. So i will try and use open VPN. Btw i already pay for a VPN from smartdns provider would that be usable instead of setting up my own?

Your router may have a VPN server available on it, if it does it’s probably the easiest way to go. Many also have ddns support

indeed my router has vpn server on it meaning it will create a vpn using my connexion correct?but what about certificate etc?i have a ddwrt enabled router

If I remember correctly with DDWRT you can set it up with a user/pass so no certificates needed. It should also have a ddns or other dns server client as well

There should be OpenVPN and a regular pptpVPN, OpenVPN I think uses certificates the other doesn’t

ok thanks i will try this once i get home and will let you know how it goes :slight_smile:

okk so i’m a bit lost i opened the router settings went to openvpn server tab then selected openvpn and i created an account xxx xxx with subnet then added a user then exported the client.ca when i opened the vpn config on my phone i got an error