OSMC RC - My OSMC - "Exit" only reacts after keypress

When I am in any menu of “My OSMC” that has a “exit” button (e.g. services) when I highlight “Exit” and press enter (OK) than the new screen is only shown after the next keypress (e.g. cursor down)

@Karnage @spudy12
Ok this has definitely something to do with the screen refresh. As long as “debugging” is on this issue will not happen and after pressing “enter” on exit it automatically goes back to the previous screen. But when “debugging” is disabled.
I can definitely reproduce it in “Services” while in “Updates” it seems not to happen.
In services screen only goes back after another key is pressed and that key is than executed in the new window.

Ok, was able to replicate with screen debugging off.
I have uploaded the log at http://paste.osmc.io/ayisicegic
What the log represent:

  1. 22:00:47 - Going into “Services”
  2. 22:00:55 - go right to highlight “Exit”
  3. 22:01:02 - press “Enter”
  4. Nothing is happen screen remains unchanged
  5. 22:01:08 - press “Left” screen directly goes back to the navigation screen and the action “left” is executed on the navigation screen.

As I mentioned when screen debugging is on this is not reproducible so must be related to the screen redraw.