OSMC RC Skin Bugs and Usability problems

Yes I know this is a RC release, and the Devs would definitely be aware of some of the issues, but some of the basics really need some attention before the Final release…

Some of these are just a personal opinion, others just basic operational issues.

  • Unable to connect a PS3 BT remote, one which a lot of RPi owners would have purchased
  • Weather screen messed up
  • Font overlaps and screen layout still needs some work
  • Highlight colors and screen Titles are so similar that it leads to confusion for the user
  • 1 view only available in Movie library mode, barely able to see FanArt
  • Not Enough Metadata presented when casually scrolling through library
  • Ethernet is not enabled by default when Installing OSMC
  • Why is SMB not included by default in OSMC ?
  • Unable to backup the Kodi database and settings
  • CEC adapter defaults need tweaking (TV on/off etc)
  • Unable to tell what TV channel I’m watching when switching channels as the 5 second info box has no TV logo presented
  • Icons in the Video settings page are too small and confusing for casual use

I’m happy to take screenshots if needed and run a debug log for the BT connection issues.


This works fine out of a GUI. Raspbmc didn’t allow this within a GUI, so when we do get this working, it will be a great improvement over what we had before. For now we appreciate your patience: Bluetooth pairing will get there. This does not sound like a usability problem at the present time.

In progress.

We’ve greatly improved this since RC. There may be some final touches, but that’s why we’re not shipping a final build yet.

Already resolved for the final release.

Not a usability problem: a matter of personal preference here. I believe we have plans for more views in the future.

Already in the process of adding more information such as resolution, source (BluRay etc) to the description.

It is enabled by default. If you’re talking about configuration in My OSMC, that’s a bit different.

It is. You can mount SMB shares via fstab and Kodi out of the box. A Samba server can be ran by installing it from the App Store. I chose to ship the server separately as to not waste resources and reduce filesystem footprint. Not everyone will have a use for it.

Which method did you attempt?

What defaults do you propose?


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One thing that bugs me a bit is how the menu navigation is not consistent. Eg the main menu items remain static as you scroll down until you get to the bottom, then the menu scrolls, but the menus on the right of the main menu scroll immediately and the cursor remains static at the top.

My preference is that menus don’t scroll until you get to the bottom.

A thing I don’t like about kodi skins in general is that with the introduction of the different menu levels (Standard, Advanced, Expert etc) you can’t just scroll down from the bottom to get back to the top. That and the fly out menu from the left of screen.


Hi Sam, thanks for replying - CEC adapter defaults:

  • Enabled > Enable
  • Make Kodi active source when starting > Enable
  • Devices to Power on when starting Kodi > TV
  • Devices to Power off when stopping Kodi > TV
  • Send inactive source command when stopping Kodi > Enable
  • Put devices in standby mode when activating screensaver > Disable
  • When the TV is switched off > Ignore
  • Wake devices when deactivating screensaver > Enable
  • Put devices in Standby mode when putting the PC in standby > Enable
  • Use the TV’s language setting > Disable
  • Pause playback when switching to another source > Enable


Personally, I hate this setting. I think it is the default in RaspBMC and I always go in to switch it off straight away.

It takes liberties and it doesnt respect my viewing sovereignty. It assumes that the user always wants to use Kodi when they power on their device, and that simply isnt true most of the time. I will turn off the device to make use of the power socket. Stealing focus from the cricket simply because I replaced the plug after I finished making my margarita is an affront to human decency.


Major Skin problem:
Highlight colors and screen Titles are so similar that it leads to confusion for the user

When using Kodi ios app, dont know what I am highlighting when in settings of certain folders etc.

Running Pi 2
OSMC Stable version