OSMC RC TVHeadend Invalid Parameter when adding mux


I have TVHeadend installed but when I add a mux I get the following error

Mar 20 15:33:05.649 mpegts: 650 - starting for ‘initial scan’ (weight 1)
Mar 20 15:33:05.655 mpegts: 650 - tuning on /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0
Mar 20 15:33:05.655 linuxdvb: /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0 - failed to tune [e=Invalid argument]
Mar 20 15:33:05.656 mpegts: 650 - failed to start, try another

This is what I added

This is OSMC on a PI+ with a fresh install and TVHeadend installed and that is all I have done

Has anyone managed to get TVHeadend working in the UK with Freeview TV and if you did how did you do it

Thank you very much for any help


The recent versions of Tvheadend want the frequency in Hz, wheras the older ones used KHz. You have entered the latter so need to add 3 zeros.

Yes, you need the three extra zeros. I have my muxes set up similar to yours… I get a confirmation of the initial scan but no services are found. Very frustrating.

Thanks for the advice @EMJB and @pscriven. I am getting the scan started but like @pscriven I am not getting any services found. We must be doing something wrong I just wish I knew what

Thanks again


I don’t think we are doing anything wrong. I suspect Tvheadend in the AppStore is broken. The only people who are having any success are building their own and not using the AppStore version.