OSMC RC / tvheadend USB DBV-T (overheating?)


Looking for any ideas here.
I’m using OSMC RC to stream Radio from DVB-T USB in separate tvheadend server on Raspbian.

The radio is on all day, and everything working fine.
Last night, I tried to watch a TV programme on the exact same setup which was
playing the radio.

But I got lots of tvheadend errors. Like there was very poor signal, etc.
Normally this is working fine. In fact it has been very stable for the last
few years.

I have a second USB DVB-S2 on the same tvheadend server (RaspPi),
and that still worked perfectly.

Couldn’t see anything in dmesg on either RaspPi.
I tried dis/reconnect USB and power off/on tvheadend server Rasp Pi.
Also rebooted OSMC RC RaspPi (it’s RPI2).

Next morning, everything working fine again.

All I can think of is maybe the USB DVB-T stick overheated?
Though I did try dis/reconnecting it, and it didn’t feel hot to touch.

Anyone any ideas?
It seems leaving on the radio all day causes this problem.


I noticed something similarwith an usb wifi stick.
With raspbmc the led on it was blinking slowly and faster if there was a lot of data transfered.

Now with osmc the led is constantly on and the stick gets really warm over time. Something I never noticed before.

It didn’t fail until now though.


ok, after constant daily use OSMC RC2 for over a week, I can report that it’s working really well.

I turn on the radio at 7am (streaming over WiFi from TVHeadend to OSMC (kitchen) and playback on
BOSE Soundlink Mini).

I Ieave the radio running all day (till around 8pm, when I turn it off).
Then on my other OSMC (living room), I watch the 9pm news (from the same DVB-T tuner).

And … no problems at all.

Thank you @sam_nazarko for such a great OSMC…!!

I also noticed that with an update, the led on my wifi dongle is not constantly on anymore. :slight_smile: