OSMC RC3 + Plex server -download RPI2

Hallo All

I got plex server to run on OSMC RC 3 and i hope its okay that i provide you with a link to download the image file for this build

Please note that this Image file is 1.84 GB in size and therefor requers at least 2GB Micro SD Card
Please note that this Image is for the “Raspberry Pi 2 Model B”

Things that i have changed:

max_usb_current=1 (check config.txt to change this)
installed PLEXbmc in osmc
installed Plex server (ofcause :slight_smile:
added subtitles “repos” (if u may call it that)

I recommend to restore this image file with USB Image Tool (found on http://www.alexpage.de/usb-image-tool/ ) but other programs (like this) should do it as well

the Image file can be downloaded from here:

Virusscan from VirusTotal.com

i hope that this is okay with the developer´s of OSMC and all credit goes to them :smile:

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had anybody tried it yet???

Hi mate ,

I can have a look , does it still only work over LAN or can I access Plex Server from WAN

hall Danny82, works over Lan, however if you portforward it should work global :smile:
im building a new image with Plex, Couchpotato and Transmission :slight_smile:
i have found a errror in this build, and therefore im building a new one, with better performance and fixet a bug thats says “your server is not powerful enough” thats keep plex from playing media :smile: