Osmc rebooting when video paused?

hi guys whenever I pause a video and come back say 10 mins later the pi has rebooted itself anyone else had this problem ?

I already answered you in the Raspbmc forum, this is a typical running out of memory problem.

Copy/paste of that answer if you missed it:
This is usually due to out of memory issues.
My guess is that you have set buffer to 0 or too high in advancedsettings.xml, but without a log we can only guess.
The memory split can also be a factor (edit: depending on your buffer settings).

hi m8 thanks for reply do u mean advanced settings setting buffer so that the video is downloading as your watching so that there is no buffering when watching a video grey line appears in front of the actual video yes I have done that in in xunity maintenance then tweaks ?

That is not exactly what I meant and I really recommend not using that, but it looks like that addon has made a buffer setting that doesn´t work well.

If this is set to high you will get crashes and reboots due to running out of memory.
If it is set to 0 (which means it will fill your SD card) it can also be prblematic as it might fill up all space.

Personally I don´t recommend using mentioned addon/repo, but this is of course optional. However, all those addons you are mentioning (in the previous thread too) is not supported here.
But as this issue can be related to any video addon I am going to allow it, but please do not mention them or ask for support regarding them here.

Post your advancedsettings.xml and let´s see what that addon did. My guess is that it is set way to high for Pi.

what do u recommend to stop videos from buffering because that’s the only way that I know im no expert m8. (your quote) (Personally I don´t recommend using mentioned addon/repo) what do u mean by that and also how do I upload my advancedsettings.xml so u can take a peek. and thaksfor your help very much appreciated thank you

Let´s just see what setting that addon did to your setup.
You will find the advancedsettings.xml in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/.

You can also try this via SSH:

cat /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml | paste

And post the link here.

P.S: We are following the same guide lines regarding piracy as the Kodi forum, see: http://kodi.wiki/view/Official:Forum_rules/Banned_add-ons

Edit: Just to make t clear, this issue is most certainly due to that addon messing with the buffersize.
You should really go to their forum as it is their addon that causes this.