Osmc recovering journal

One of my Pi2 just restarted and now it’s suck on recovering journal, I was hoping it would recover on it’s own and left it alone for a few hours but it went no where. I have the last OSMC build that used kodi 15.2, so it’s fairly recent.

Any pointers, I really don’t want to redo the setup.

EDIT it’s build 2016.1-1

If you are stuck on re-building the journal, than sadly you probably have a failed SD card.

I plugged it into my PC and was able to read it, trying to get a vm going to run fsck

You could use a linux Live CD, like GParted

yup exactly what I’m doing, I can see the sd card in ubuntu but gparted is failing. running fsck from terminal and it’s doing the same as when it was in the Pi

keep getting the below when running fsck /dev/mmcblk0p2

fsck.ext4 unable to set superblock flag on /dev/mmcblk0p2

Then unfortunately the best you can do slowly wave bye bye to that card

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but the data is still accessible, is there a way to copy the the contents of the partition?

I had the bright idea to copy my other Pi so I don’t have to start from scratch and now that card won’t boot either so I don’t think the cards are bad. This one however keeps saying /dev/mmcblk0p2, :clean 52449/962880 files, 979433/3848704 blocks

What do you mean the data is still accessible? Can you mount the ext4 partition in your VM? If so obviously backup as much data as possible.

yes I can mount it, would it be a straight copy and paste to another sd card with the same partition layout?

Just back it up completely with tar to have a copy.
Then backup /home/osmc and /etc individually and then restore that tar’s on a new install.

You will not be able to copy everything to a new card and then boot from it.
You should only copy your personal data line mediafiles and config files from the card to back them up.
Then throw away the card and make a new installation and copy your data over.

okay, what about my other card that is not booting?

So what is the exact status of the card “not booting”

It doesn’t go past the fsck clean check, get no osmc splash screen etc

Having the same problem, did you manage to solve it?

This thread is seven years old, I’d suggest a new post outlining the issue you are experiencing.

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