OSMC refreshes HDMI source info


I don’t know if I describe the issue correctly.
My OSMC on RPI is connected to AVR and then to a TV.
All works OK. AVR recognized OSMC connected to HDMI port and provided that info to TV, and I can easily switch from TV to OSMC using the TV remote.

Once I switch the source to the OSMC, my TV displays source info intermittently.
It is very annoying, especially when watching a movie and every odd minute I have an info banner on tv displaying source info about HDMI3

Here is an example: hdmi_info.png (800×600)

I am suspecting that OSMC is sending some refresh command via HDMI periodically.
Am I correct?
How can I disable that?


Some logs – and knowing which Pi you are using would probably help.

You could also try another HDMI cable.