OSMC Refuses to start, giving a black screen

I just installed a fresh copy of OSMC using NOOBS, and was messing with the settings until suddenly, I get a “Frowning Face” similar to the startup splash. I immediately pulled the plug and now cant boot my Pi in OSMC. I installed raspbian alongside OSMC when installing an Operating system for the second time (Wanted a better media center type program.) And raspbian still works. I was at the time, changing the themes and liked one, but it crashed when I went back to a theme (Kodi’s default). Can ANYONE PLEASE help me? I do NOT want to have to reinstall after how long it took.

A fresh install of OSMC should only take three or four minutes.

You should check your power supply and SD card. These are the most common problems.

The thing is, I would rather take a 4 minute repair process, due to having multiple Operating systems and raspbian having some important data

And it worked fine untill I fiddled with the settings.

If I reflash the partition that OSMC used to be on, while keeping NOOBS and Raspbian in-tact, would that work?

I believe you can delete OSMC in NOOBS and reinstall it, yes.

Thank you for helping me, and this is good for others who want to split the wait, or keep their other files