OSMC Remote and TVHeadEnd HTSP Client

Hi all,

so, I have OSMC running on a Pi 3B+, with TVHeadEnd on a Pi zero with the TV Hat connected.

All seems to be working well so far, now that I’ve gotten the NFS share connecting properly and I’m not writing recordings to the SD card, but to the OMV server :grinning:

Now I’m starting to play with the TVH client in OSMC and I’ve noticed a couple of things…

First is that in the ‘Channels’ and ‘Guide’ Categories I cannot get to the Options menu that lets you change the Group (from ‘All channels’ to ‘HDTV’ for example)…when I press the options button on my (OSMC) remote it takes me to the options popup for that channel/programme. Anyone know how to do this? Do I need to map a key?

Second thing is getting to the scrollbar on the right of the guide, in order to move down a page at a time…when I press right arrow it of course moves me later into the day in the guide. Again, can anyone help here?

I had a search and really can’t see much on using the HTSP client for TVH, though may well have missed it…found lots on installing and configuring, just not mych on using. If it’s out there happy to be pointed to it and I’ll read my way through it.

Hopefully someone out there can shed some light.

Thanks in advance…

I assume you’re using OSMC skin. The actual OSMC skin development (thx to @Chillbo) will bring some navigation help with Leia v18, see screenshots attached:

In the channels menu go to the left until the sidebar pops up, in the guide menu you have to use the return button (that’s really a little bit confusing if you don’t know it).

Our OSMC skin doesn’t offer a scrollbar in the guide view. It just doesn’t make much sense to scroll all the way to the last EPG events available (to the right) to get to a scrollbar. If a scrollbar is visible, users will expect to get there easily. The guide view uses all four directions for navigation withing the EPG grid already. I can see that Estuary does this differently, but I don’t see a point in adding a scrollbar, if it could take up to 20 seconds to get to it… :thinking: EDIT, see my post below.

@JimKnopf’s screenshots show very nicely what we’ve already added to the v18 skin to make navigation buttons clearer. The guide is different to all other views. We don’t work on the v17 skin anymore, so you’ll be able to benefit from these changes once our v18 stable release is out or by switching to our v18 nightlies: [TESTING] Kodi 18 (Leia) builds for Raspberry Pi

I’ve had another look at this and I’ve found a way to add a scrollbar that one can get to easily while keeping access to the sub-menu simple.

You’ll get to the scrollbar by pressing “return”, indicated by the icon on the left. Once you’ve focused the scrollbar, you’ll notice that the icon on the left will change and then offer access to the sub-menu via the “left” key:

This way, the scrollbar can be accessed at any time and you don’t have to change the current focus within the EPG grid (like you have to with Estuary - there you have to go all the way to the right of the EPG grid to get to the scrollbar). The window is closed by pressing the “return” key again after having focused the scrollbar.

This change will be part of the v18 skin. :+1:t2:


Thank you both for the replies, very much appreciated.

I was actually using the Estuary skin, but based on your responses (and permission from SWiMBO :grinning:) have swapped over to the OSMC skin.

I like the change in the guide to get to the scrollbar, especially since our guide has 14 days of data and scrolling right takes a while (I just checked)!

Bit nervous about going to the nightly build as this is on our main TV, so there will be howls of protest from the young 'un if it’s not working…when do you guys think that 18 stable wil be out?

Thanks again!

We aren’t providing any ETA but it is the current focus, has been for weeks.

No worries…and thanks for the quick responses all!

I’ve been using the nightlies for weeks now on two daily drivers… Family hasn’t moaned and the devices have been rock stable. But no guarantees, of course :wink:

In which case I might give it a go…assuming I’ve finally figured out the issue with recording to the OMV nfs share, and when I’ve worked out why some of my channel icons are missing :grinning:

I’m moving us off a VM box to this, so far it’s been good, my lack of linux skills notwithstanding…my wallet is certainly happier :grin: