OSMC remote appears to cause lockups

I recently got an OSMC remote to use on my RPi3 running OSMC.
I plugged in the USB receiver and it worked immediately, no setup required, quite pleased.
However, since adding the remote I have found that OSMC will stop responding to both the remote and keyboard input (I also have a logitech keyboard w/trackpad connected with a unifying receiver).
This seems to happen after a couple days, I find the RPi showing the dimmed screen and unresponsive to keyboard and remote.

I have currently removed the OSMC remote’s receiver to determine if issue continues.

Are there any known interference issues when both the OSMC remote receiver and logitech unifying receiver are both connected?


Is the device still responsive over the network? If not – it may not be getting enough power.

If you put two 2.4Ghz devices close to each other, it’s possible they will interfere. But you should then be able to re-pair the remote by holding Home and OK

I have been using a Logitech k400r with a unifying receiver plugged into a RPi 3b+ alongside the current model OSMC remote since last year. I have not run into any issues. I don’t recall any other users reporting an issue with this combo either.

I didn’t check to see if it was still responding on the network, I will check that next time it happens.
I have it connected to a 5V/2A power adapter, which should be enough power.

I have just been power cycling the RPi to reboot it, and both the keyboard and remote work again after I do that so I don’t think they are losing their pairing.

Right now I have the USB receiver from the remote unplugged, only the unifying receiver for the keyboard connected and will see if it freezes again. If it doesn’t after a few days then I will try just connecting the remote (don’t really need the keyboard now that I have the remote), to see what happens.


It doesn’t sound like the devices are conflicting then. The device seems like it actually freezing / becoming unresponsive