OSMC Remote Control - Apple TV1 - No response from Stop button

Hello, Thank you for welcoming me to the community! Today, I received the OSMC Remote Control (with Volume Buttons). It installed without a problem but with a music track playing there is no response when the ‘Stop’ button is pressed. Also, the Home page is not displayed when the ‘Home’ button is pressed. However, in a list of items the highlight is moved to the top. All other buttons behave as expected. I followed the procedure to submit logs (should I have received a reference to post?). I greatly appreciate the community’s consideration of this issue - thank you.

When you submit the logs, you should get a link which you copy to your post.

Thank you Drek - should I have seen the link within OSMC Kodi? David

Yes, it will clearly show you a link to the OSMC paste bin which is a link to your log files. Repeat the log upload process and add the link to this thread.

Thank you Yknivag - when I can, I will redo the log and post the link.

The link to my log files is: https://paste.osmc.tv/yobuciviju While a music track was playing, I pressed the ‘Stop’ button 10 times (with no response).

Thank you Drek and Yknivag for considering my issue and posting your comments. I have now resolved the issue using the Keymap Editor Add-on and remapping the ‘Stop’ and ‘Home’ remote control buttons in the Global settings. They are both working now, as expected. Thank you again!