OSMC Remote Control for Raspberry Pi also controls my TV

I just bought the OSMC remote control: https://osmc.tv/product/osmc-remote-control-for-raspberry-pi/
My problem is that it is also controlling my Grundig TV. When I use the up and down buttons for navigation it is also changing the volume of my TV.
Do you have any ideas on how this can be solved?

thanks, Birgir

Does this happen even if your Pi is turned off and you are using the TV with another source ?

Yes, the TV is picking up the signals from the remote even if the Pi is turned off.

In case it helps at all:
I’ve had similar ‘interference’ between the remotes for a TV and one for a satellite receiver - only way round it, that I found, was to work out the limits of reception for each.

Thanks Derek, Yes it seems that there is no good solution to this. I’ve switched over to my apple tv remote and that works fine.