OSMC Remote Control mapping for other Kodi distros (e.g. LibreELEC)?

Hi there,

I’ve got an “OSMC Remote Control” coming in the post as, quite honestly, it seem to have the best combination of essential buttons on any remote I could find. Plus, I’ve always been happy with OSMC QC in the past, after owning one of the original OSMC (white cube) units back in the day.

However, I’m currently running LibreELEC (“Boo!” I know, I know… :innocent:) and so, while me switching back to “OSMC” Kodi is not out of the question - I’d prefer to get it working with my current build, as I have everything quite established now, if possible.

So, the question is: does anyone have any tips/guidance on getting the official OSMC remote to work (read: control-mapped) to other Kodi builds such as LibreELEC?

I’d love for this to work out of the box, but from what I’m seeing on this forum - it seems that the remote mappings might be slightly non-standard and slightly inconclusive?
(Hence putting the feelers out before it arrives, so I can potentially get some prep done ahead of time)

Thanks in advance! :nerd_face:

That is totally fine and supported out of the box. All of the customizations that have been done for these remotes in OSMC were also added to LibreELEC. That thread was dealing with a bit of a differnt type of situation and there have been additional tweaks done since that time. The following thread would be probably the most helpful to skim over…

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That’s music to my ears - thank you @darwindesign :partying_face:

Now I’m looking forward even more to receiving it :blush:

Many thanks,

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Support should already be included in any recent LibreELEC image (from about August of last year).

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Just wanted to quickly say that - the remote works like a dream :blush:
(and did so pretty much first time!)

Thank you @sam_nazarko for making (IMHO) the perfect Kodi remote. :clap::nerd_face:
(For my needs, anyway)

Thanks all again