OSMC remote dead?

Apologies if this is now where this goes. My OSMC remote was jammed in a spot with several buttons pushed all night. My 4k now doesn’t respond to any button presses. I have removed the battery and put it back in and rebooted the device and still nothing. The battery seems to still be putting out 2.7V. Any ideas?


Try re-pairing it by holding Home and OK. Make sure there’s no debris in between the buttons.

If that’s open-circuit, you may find it’s a lot less when on load. Have you tried a new battery?

I tried holding both for several seconds and a quick simultaneous press and no luck.

That will be my next step. Grabbing one later today.

Our new remote warns low battery on 2.2V. But yeah, I think the battery is drained and multiple, constant battery presses drained it quickly

How did it go?

New battery fixed me right up. Good to go!

Glad to hear. We added a low battery warning on the new remote to try and give users a warning when the battery is dying