OSMC Remote for Android TV on PC

It was hinted to me that there is a way to use the OSMC remote in Android TV in a PC environment and that it would work but there were special steps needed to take and links to follow.

What are these steps and links?

See https://github.com/MonsterKiller/OSMC-AndroidTV-Keylayout.

I think you asked about this on eBay.
You may find the OSMC remote is a better price directly on our website.

You would want to change 2252:1037 to match the new remote with volume buttons which is 2252:1068.

Yes, I did. Thanks now I have a direct path and will purchase it here.
Now to the issue at hand, I did a bit of research and found instructions on changing the keyfile, which seems simple. Do I even need to do that, or just change the product number to 1068 in the generic keyfile? Where is this change to be made?

Just ordered it. I will post any questions here. Thanks

You should rename the file from Vendor_2252_Product_1037.kl to Vendor_2252_Product_1688.kl

It’s 1688 from the top of my head.

Got the kl file from OSMC-AndroidTV-Keylayout/Vendor_2252_Product_1037.kl at master · RobAWarner/OSMC-AndroidTV-Keylayout · GitHub
So just rename it to Vendor_2252_Product_1688.kl and copy it to /system/usr/keylayout/

Is that all I need to do. Thanks

Yes I think so. If you have any troubles give us a shout

Will do, Thanks.

Received the remote. Now I need to set the key layout file.
Got the file from

I copied the file to the keylayout folder and renamed it to Vendor_2252_Product_1688.kl
Only some buttons work. Home does not work
I see two entries for the OSMC controller in the /proc/bus/input/devices file.
One is input 0 and the other input 1 both with different key info. Is this correct?
I have restarted after adding the kl file.
The vendor number was 2017, not 2252 as per the devices file. Once I changed the keyfile to 2017, everything now works.

So I see how the system works now. The USB device is put in the devices file with the Vendor and Product info, then the system matches it to the keyfile. Thanks, Great remote.

Glad you worked it out. I forgot the complete VID/PID change on the second remote from the top of my head :slight_smile:

Yep, that’s right.