OSMC Remote for OSX?

What are your methods of controlling OSMC from your PC?

In my case, I’m on OSX Yosemite. The raspberry pi is connected to the TV, which is above my desk/OSX location.

How can I control the RP2/OSMC from OSX?

Sometimes I’m too lazy to go into my phone and control it.


Well, you could go to http://osmc/

If I understood your question you can control it via Web Interface from any browser -> http://kodi.wiki/view/Web_interface

Thanks for this advice. Sorry for the noob question. Ive used Kodi for years but never knew that this was available to me.

I’m having a bit of trouble setting it up although. Both the RPI2 and OSX is LAN connected to a secondary repeater bridge router flashed with DD WRT.

Do I need to set up some sort of port forwarding for this to work?

I turned on Web Server and set the user/pw and port to 8080. Then I entered “ip:8080” into the address bar. No connection.

Is there anything wrong with what I’m doing?


You have already posted a new thread about this - please don’t spread the same problem between two different threads.


Another option is the Kodi widget http://kodi.wiki/view/XBMC_Remote_Dashboard_Widget

I have used this for ages and love the ability to control using keystrokes and also entering text into fields.

This uses RPC port 9090, so may defeat the issue you have with the web interface.