OSMC Remote Kodi 19 + Ubuntu 20.04 Key map issues


I like the design of the remote and the idea that I can use it on Kodi, but unfortuntately the newly bought remote has some key mapping issues on Kodi 19 and Ubuntu 20.04

First of all the play/pause button refuses to work, it shows somekind “blocked” symbol on Kodi when I press it and I’m not able to map the key at all with the Keymap Editor. On kodi 18 play/pause seemed to work but not anymore on 19

Second, it seems that there is some kinda bug with Stop and Volume Up buttons as they seem to get mapped on same key. So if I set volume up for volume up key also pressing the stop sign gives volume up and vice versa.

Otherwise they seem to work pretty well, although there is some differences in Kodi 19 and 18.

Is this remote defected and should be returned back, or would there be possibility to fix the issue?


Should be fixable.

@darwindesign can probably link you to a post with an appropriate solution. There’s some remapping needed, particularly if using a foreign keyboard layout.


The following thread should get you where you want to go. The main thing would be just adding in the hwdb file towards the end of the thread and that should get you going with stock Kodi keyboard mappings. If there is any issue with that working let us know and we should be able to figure out a soulution.

Yes, it works! Thank you for help!

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