OSMC Remote Log In


OK so I’m a complete noob to Rasberry Pi but I’m getting on nicely with it.

I’m running OSMC on my Pi 2 model B and I’ve attached a 2TB external hard drive with all my movies on it and it works great!

In fact, I’m so please with how well it works I’d really like to make one for my parents, who are retired and live out in Spain. Now my Mam and Dad are getting on a bit and certain aspects of technology are lost on them. I’m pretty sure I could show them how to navigate through OSMC to watch movies but anything beyond that is going to be a headache I don’t need.

I was wondering if there’s a way of setting up OSMC so that I can remotely access the OSMC GUI at their end? Like with “Log Me In” that I used to use for accessing their laptop from the UK whenever they had a problem.

I’ve already figured out the FTP side of things so I can push new movies through to them etc, but I’d really like to be able to log into their OSMC and add the files to the library and make sure every thing is running smootly. Also to help them out should they call me with a Pi problem.

Anyone know if this is possible? And if so, how?

Many thanks,


Seems that you are after a VNC server. This is meant to go in the App Store soon, but isn’t ready yet. If you search the forums you should find some instructions on how to install it


OK, cool. Thanks for the speedy reply.

Just to clarify, you’re saying that the VNC server software already exists? It’s just not on the App Store yet?


Yes – if you search you will find it


Look there:

Thanks for the replies guys. I’ve got a lot to get my head round!

Just a quick follow up. I installed FTP and it worked great on my home network. But I realised this morning that I won’t be able to access it from a different network.

For example, I used Filezilla at home and it worked great, but tried doing the same from work and of course it didn’t work.

Is there a way to get FTP access to my Pi at home using FTP from somewhere else?