OSMC remote on non-OSMC Kodi

Hope this is the right place to ask this. I have the new OSMC remote, which is very nice. Unfortunately I had to ditch OSMC on RPi2 and move to XBian as OSMC locked up far too often, even after stable release. I can’t find instructions for the remote anywhere, and although most buttons are obvious, some don’t work on my Kodibuntu media centre or on Xbian RPi2 - the top 2 (‘home’ and ‘i’ buttons) and the one with 3 horizontal bars (what is it for?). Assume they do work on OSMC, but can they be made to work for other Kodi’s?

Hi raj

I am sorry to hear OSMC is not working well for you. We are happy to help you work out why and address that, as we have many happy users here and we’re confident we can help resolve your problem too.

We plan to upstream OSMC remote support in Kodi so it will work on all platforms without any additional configuration, but for now you will need to edit your eventlircd configuration. I don’t think Kodibuntu ships with eventlircd and I’m not sure about XBian. You can probably edit LIRC.conf to do this – we just chose eventlircd evmaps so we can match them to the device ID of the dongle.

The three horizontal bars is a context menu button.

CC @DBMandrake


OK, thanks for the kind offer to help with OSMC - hopefully I’ll get chance this holiday period to return to it. Presumably lock-up info would be recorded in my user ~/.kodi/temp/kodi.log ? I can’t find any ‘lirc’ associated with kodi on either platform, but I’ll have a dig around.

If you start a post with full debug logs, then we should be able to see what’s going on and put it right.



I’m in the situation that I wan’t to use the OSMC remote with plain Kodi (because there’s currently no x64 version of OSMC :wink:

Sam, could you give some more detail on what to do to make the remote working? I’m going to re-setup my Kodi-machine (will switch to debian) and it looks like I need to compile my own Kodi anyway. So source modification shouldn’t be a problem. Or are the modifications already upstream?