OSMC remote on RetroPie


Apologies if this is out of scope, but I’m not sure where best to else ask for help.

I’ve used the OSMC remote successfully in Kodi on OSMC and LibreELEC. I’m now trying to get it working on RetroPie.

The remote is detected (it seems to behave as a keyboard), but some of the buttons behave incorrectly (eg, the Home button jumps to the top of the list, instead of going to the home screen) and others simply don’t work at all (eg, the “i” button).

The buttons that don’t work at all don’t appear to do anything as keyboard buttons either: RetroPie won’t accept them as valid inputs, and pressing them at a terminal doesn’t input anything. I’m guessing they must be mapped to something relatively esoteric, so as not to interfere with normal keyboard input.

My question is: how do I configure Kodi to work correctly with the OSMC remote?

I’ve tried Googling with no luck. I’ve tried the Keymap Editor addon (it doesn’t recognise those buttons either). Please could someone point me towards a solution?

Many thanks!

We use eventlircd as a uinput aggregator for the OSMC Remote.

Here is the evmap:

But the easiest way for a RetroPie setup and Kodi is to use OSMC + Retrosmc.

Is there a reason you don’t want to use OSMC?

Thanks, I’ll look into it.

The reason I don’t want to use OSMC is because I can’t make my controller (PS3 Sixaxis) work in Retrosmc, but it works fine in RetroPie. Given that I’ve had no problem with the OSMC remote on other distros, I figured it was probably easier to make that work on RetroPie than to make the PS3 controller work on OSMC.

I am happy to be informed otherwise, however. :slight_smile:

@mcobit might know a bit more about this.
If anything needs adding in OSMC for this to work; we can do this.

As far as I know, a PS3 or PS4 controller that is connected via usb should be configurable out of tge box in Kodi17. Use the Input devices setup in the setting panel.

I don’t have any of those controllers so I cannot test it myself unfortunately. The only people having problems seem to connect the controllers via bluetooth.

I think he means he wants the controller to work for RetroPie.

I would think the other way around?
But this is not clear from his post.

Current situation is:

OSMC + Retromsc: remote works perfectly, PS3 controller via Bluetooth doesn’t work

RetroPie: PS3 controller works perfectly, remote works in Kodi but not all buttons

Any way of getting them both to work well on any platform is fine by me. :slight_smile:

As said, I cannot say anything about bluetooth as I don’t have those controllers. Only thing I know is that they work connected via usb.

There are some threads in this forum where peolpe have had some success getting it to work.

Got eventlircd set up and it’s all working nicely now. Had to do a bit of a horrible hack to start eventlircd just before starting Kodi and kill it again after it exits, as I want the remote to function as a keyboard when Kodi isn’t running… but it works, so no complaints. Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

Hello tepreece,

could you tell me, how you did that “hoorible hack”? I’m interested in that, as i also want to use the osmc remote in the emulationstation menu of retropie.