OSMC remote stopped working

Hey everyone,

Since yesterday my OSMC remote stopped working on my Vero 4k.
It was going completely haywire in what looked like hitting the Play button over and over again.
Last time I used it it was working fine (yesterday evening) I picked it up this morning and it stopped.

I tried the following so far

  • Several new CR2032’s.
  • Restarting and turning off the vero for 2 minutes.
  • Removing repairing by removing the usb, holding HOME+OK for 5 seconds but nothing happens.
  • Plugging in the USB in a Windows PC, it succesfully installs the receiver but then does nothing

Anyone have any other ideas through SSH maybe? My 4k isn’t that old and it’s really hard to manage with CEC!

My CEC still works but I tried remapping the context menu button (which I use a lot to queue and move items around) to one of my normal remote buttons like I usually do with Rpi’s but that just shows a very strange context menu that’s missing almost all options, it looks nothing like it does on Rpi’s (I always use the Rapier skin with CEC custom key mapping, I have since my Rpi B+, I just like it, the OSMC skin looks great but it misses things I use, but it doesn’t work right on a Vero).

I would have just emailed @sam_nazarko because I’m pretty sure it just died from what I can see and I’m still well within warranty but since my computer crashed too and lost all my mails… lol I do still have the original box but can only find a MAC, no S/N or something else to identify it with.

Check if no dirt is blocking the key!
What is the blue LED doing?

Checked that already, nothing there.

The blue LED on the front of the vero? It’s a steady blue light.
No blinking when pushing buttons or holding HOME+OK together either.

No, the one on the remote

I wrote a Wiki article for the pairing, just to be sure compare your activities with the steps described there: Pairing the Original Black OSMC RF Remote Control with a Pi/Vero2/4k/4k+

(Of course with a fresh CR2032 inserted)

A blue led on the remote? Where? I’ve been using it for a long time but i’ve never seen a blue LED…

@JimKnopf I have never seen that blue light, not even while it worked.

Edit, just inserted 2 different fresh CR2032’s right out of the package, no blue light. I tried the CR’s in a different device and they work.

Suggest you contact support@osmc.tv and give as much infos as you can:
When was it ordered, what user name that time, to what address it was shipped, when was it received, etc.
Perhaps, someone then can map these info to an order# … :man_shrugging: :+1:
If all goes wrong, you find an OSMC RF remote control in the store.

Thanks I’ll give it a try, it was a gift so I’ll ask what info we still got about the order, I know where it went, can only be two places (I moved in the meantime) so it shouldn’t be too hard to find :+1:

I noticed the remote in the store already, not really looking forward to buying new of course, especially since it’s my lucky month, everything seems to be breaking haha.

The blue LED is on the front of the remote by the plastic window. It illuminates when you press a key

I noticed from the picture tutorial JimKnopf wrote but mine never did that, even when it worked because I remember checking to see if it was IR when I first got it, it did work since April but just died.

I found the email with the order number on it, do I need to write to support or another mail? Because it’s only 8 months old.

I tried a bunch more CR’s, I found a whole new package but none of them work while they work fine in other devices so it’s really broken, no blue light, no flashing when re-pairing or pushing buttons, just dead.

You will need to contact support@osmc.tv

If the blue LED on the remote never displayed, the remote could have never worked.