OSMC RF Remote stopped working shortly after unit arrived


I hope, I can get some help here… Today, my new OSMC Vero 4k arrived and I set it up by first updating the OS and then moving my settings over from my RPi3 with a backup created with the OSMC backup tool.
The RF Remote was plugged in all the time and worked properly. After setting everything up at my dektop monitor, I moved the Vero over to my AVR and plugged it in. IR dongle still connected… From then on, the remote didn’t work anymore.
Tried using it with my RPi and my PC aswell. Nothing.

Any ideas?

The remote is RF, so you need the dongle plugged in (even though the device has a built in IR receiver).

Do you see a short blue flash on the remote when you press a button or a long blue flash?
When you reconnected the dongle, did you reboot the device? Can you try the dongle in a different USB port?


Yes, the dongle was plugged in all the time. Tried both USB ports. Rebooted after changing the port. Removed the battery of the remote.
The blue flash is about one second long each time I press a button.

Strange thing is: I didn’t unplug the dongle when moving the Vero over to my AVR. It stayed in its port and didn’t work afterwards anymore.

Okay – it might be faulty.

Just send an email to sam@osmc.tv with your order # and I will replace it for you


Ok. Email is out… Thx already!