OSMC RPI Boot Splash Screen / Video


I have run OSMC on a Raspberry Pi3 with openhab for my Camper.

Now i will change the Splash Screen to a Video Splash Screen.
I know that the Splash.png could changed on /usr/splash.png

I have installed the omxplayer and made the configuration in rc.local
Polish your Raspberry Pi: Clean boot, splash screen video, noconsole & ZRAM | Florian Müller
Sudo apt-get install omxplayer, was not working but with
Installing OMXPlayer on Raspberry Pi | digital nomad” and the latest …armhf.deb it will run.

“wget https://archive.raspberrypi.org/debian/pool/main/o/omxplayer/omxplayer_20190723+gitf543a0d-1_armhf.deb
“dpkg -i omxplayer_20190723+gitf543a0d-1_armhf.deb”

Now on Boot i see for about 10-15 seconds the splash.png and after that the Video plays until Kodi is ready.
Is there a setting to change that the splash.png only shows 1 sec or so? Or compleatly not showing?

Thanks for your help.

Unfortunately there isn’t a trivial way to do this.