OSMC Running Kodi 15.0 (Isengard)?

Hi, I read that Kodi now has a Release Candidate for Kodi 15.0. Are there plans to release an update to OSMC which will include Isengard; and, if so, when?

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Yes. After Isengard Final is released.

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The rule of thumb is when its stable and not alpha or beta or rc for that matter, then its good enough let the other do the beta testing rather have a stable mediacenter then a buggy one

Now it is released :blush:

we know that its released Sam and the rest are working hard its not like just putting the binary into the distro and it all magically works right out of the box there are dependencies that have to be updated, else people are gonna complain about crashes etc.

so PLEASE stop nagging, they are working hard at bringing you guys a stable distribution if you want a buggy one try another distro…

or make your own distro then you learn its not as easy as you think

CommitsBOT [03:39] 
[osmc:master] 1 new commit by KODeKarnage:
f445355: [package][medaicenter-addon-osmc] Walkthru: fixed progress dialog on network check - KODeKarnage

the latest commit was 3:39 this morning, so that your not think im bullshitting you but there is alot around the release that HAS to work


We are working on it



We’re being patient, don’t worry :slight_smile: Keep up the good hard work!