OSMC - running personal deamon

I am trying to do the first steps with OSMC where my aim it to use avilable applications but also develop new ones and daemons.

My first question is:
Can we develop a C or C++ executable deamon and install it on OSMC and run in on boot or even restart it if it dies like we do on ubuntu?

Thank you

As long as you treat it as a headless debian box, with “low memory”, you can do what ever you can do in debian. I mean OSMC is a Debian derivate, optimized to run “tweaked kodi”.

So in short, remember limited RAM and not the fastest cpu. But you got full debian access.

Ps. looking at which category you posted in, stop mediacenter and you got a nice little linux box, with X.

Thanks joakim_s for the info.
To start this new adventure I just need gcc compiler collection and USB I/O support.
As Debian supports USB and Gcc then OSMC will support them too…

By the way, I did not understand your last sentence.

Sorry for the vague reference, but since you posted in the support category of AppleTV, in this forum. I thought you were using an old AppleTV device, running old OSMC release. And I do believe that OSMC ran under X-windows on that hardware platform, but unsure since I never owned one.

I have one Apple TV 1 with the original software that was replaced by an Apple TV 3 (currently running) and I would like to do something in order to bring V1 to life again…
I heard that V1 hardware is pretty common such as an old PC while new versions (2, 3, 4 …) are very tailored devices and more difficult to drive using other system software than Apple OS. So, I decided to give a try to the V1 using OSMC. That is my story.
Thank you