OSMC Sad Face loop after upgrading to latest security update

After upgrading to 2017.04-2 OSMC boots into a “sad face loop”

grab-logs -A output can be found here: logs

You’re running on Linux kernel version 4.9.29-3, which is still under testing. Did you install the kernel yourself or did it come with the update?

Kodi seems to be failing because of some kind of “Illegal instruction” and this could be related to the the new kernel.

Nope, simply upgraded via the MyOSMC UI



Out of interest - how did you run grab-logs if it wouldn’t boot?

It boots into “Sad Face”, but apparently I can still access the PI via SSH

Then @sam_nazarko needs to look at this. I’d personally advise that people hang fire on an update until Sam has commented.

Thanks, I’ll be waiting. Ping me if you think I could help with tests etc.

The OS is running but Kodi is failing to start.


I haven’t pushed Linux 4.9 to the stable repository, but can see that
the poster likely had the staging repository active at some point, as he has
a2dp-app-osmc installed. This is what’s causing the issue.

It’s perfectly safe to update and you should do so.

Does this mean a2dp is somehow incompatible with this update? Or should I start from a clean image, upgrade, and then install a2dp?

No – it means that the kernel you’ve tested is still experimental. You can copy the old vmlinuz and DTB files from /boot (or the fat32 partition) on your SD card to downgrade.


Ok, will try that.

Just for my benefit - does installing a2dp activate staging by default?


Yes – my instructions in the A2DP post use the staging repository, but you can always revert back afterwards.