OSMC + Samba NAS on my Raspberry Pi 2+?

Hey !

I am kinda new with Raspberry just ordered it yesterday. I have some
free times during holidays and as an engineering student, I want to try
cool things !

Today, I have a Samsung Television and my PC. Each time I wanna see a
movie with friends on the TV, I have to plug / play USB Stick.

Is it possible to use the RaspBerry Pi as a media Center AND also NAS ?
-For the NAS: http://elinux.org/R-Pi_NAS
-And OSMC for media center ?

In that way, I could transfer all my movies / series into my 1Tb HD plugged in my RPi and also watch it from OSMC ?

As I’m kinda new to this world I don’t want to flash my RPi with bad manipulation :confused:

Oh, and one last question, if this architecture is good. Do you
think it is possible to use it like a “real NAS” ? For instance : watch a
movie on TV. Then switch on a computer and resume at the time I paused
on TV ?

Thanks !

You can use OSMC itself for NAS functionality. There is a Samba server in the OSMC ‘App store’ and that’ll do what you want.

For instance i plug a hard drive directly into my Pi and play my films from there but also i can read/write to this hard drive from the PC on my network.

That is so cool ! :wink:

Do you have any benchmarks for reading / writing file with this NAS functionality ? Like what is the working time for c/c a 8Gb film to HDD via OSMC NAS ?

Also, is there any possibility to use OSMC from a PC ?
Like the example I gave : playing a movie on TV, stopping at 30mn, resuming on PC at 30mn ?

It’s slow as hell but that’s more down to the Pi’s network implementation than OSMC i.e. it’s be slow on any Pi distribution.

You can’t use OSMC on your PC yet but you can install Kodi (The Media Centre part of OSMC) directly onto your PC and then if you use a shared MySQL database it’ll keep track of what’s watched and what’s not (Resume from the same place should also work then). I don’t do this second part so can’t help with it but there have been discussions of the forum here about it. If you want to have a shared library then you’ll need shared storage and a shared MySQL database, most people will use a real NAS or a PC to host these and use the Pi as the client.

Slow like what ? 8gb => 10mn ? or more 1 hour ?

Thanks anyway for the answers

Maybe a Banana Pi would be better for that, right ?

I’ll try it for you tonight. What do you want? the time copying an 8GB file onto the Pi or reading an 8GB file off the Pi? or both?

What kind of file? MKV? ISO? or will a dummy DD file be ok for you?

Maybe a Banana Pi would be better for that, right ?

Lol why would you suspect this?

Performed a quick test for you with a 7.32GB IMG file (Backup of my SD card).

Pi to PC - 34min 41seconds
PC to Pi - 1hour 25mins and 45seconds (No idea why it takes so much longer).

That’s using my USB connected hard drive, which is formatted as NTFS (Which likely hurts speed).

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NTFS hurts quite a lot in fact:

Thanks TwoFlower.

Timmy, I can probably reformat my drive and retest on Sunday if that helps.

Hey all,

Thanks for all the answer and test !

In fact, I just want to make something for fun. That’s why I will keep the idea of RPi and OSMC + integrated Samba on it.

If my requirements change like I really want speed for writing PC -> RPi. I think I will go with Synology + RPi reading from Synology (is that possible ? Without any lag for 1080p movie ?)

Other question, if I want to use RPi for domotics purpose. Would it be possible to use also OSMC with domotics app in RPi ? Or it’s just 1 app functioning ?

Something like a Synology in the middle would be the perfect fix for you (As i understand it).

Fast data transfer from the PC to the NAS over a PC friendly protocol (SMB/CIFS) as well as fast data transfer from the NAS to the Pi over a Pi friendly protocol (NFS). You could have the Synology hosting a shared MySQL database too so that it tracks what is watched/not-watched and your progress in films you can then pick up where you left off in films and have the same library from Kodi on the PC and OSMC on the Pi.

You can probably do all that on the Pi (Maybe need a second Pi to host the MySQL/Films) but a ‘proper’ NAS would do it better. If you have an old PC knocking around you could easily turn that into a NAS.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any old PC (already converted into WebMail and very very very slow ^^)

Could you please answer my last question

In fact, I wanna know if it’s possible to have 2 “simultaneous apps” running in RPi.
Like having a media center and domotics (home automation) ?

Cheers mate!

NTFS and EXFAT are both quite a bit slower than EXT4 and FAT32 on OSMC because the are implemented as user-mode FUSE file systems. For best performance use EXT4.

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It’s a standard Linux computer (Ok, not quite ‘standard’ but not too special) so yes, OSMC can do other things as well as run Kodi. People have them doing all sorts of things like hosting webpages, downloading stuff via Bittorrent and acting as VPN servers. If you can setup your ‘domotics’ (I’ve never heard this term) via command line with something like SSH and then run it ‘headless’ then there should be no reason why the Pi couldn’t do it. What the Pi does not currently have is a desktop environment so you’ll have to install/config your stuff via the command line.

Sorry for ‘domotics’. I thought it was called like in french ! :smile: The right term is “home automation”.

The thing is not to run an home automation app. I know it could work. But running home automation app AND OSMC in the same time. So that I could use media-center on TV and put the light on/off in the same time ! :baby_chick:

It depends how you control it. If the Pi is acting as the automation server then yes, this should be able to run at the same time as OSMC. You won’t (I don’t think) be able to use the Pi itself to turn the light on/off as there is no interface to do so. If however you have a client on your phone for example and connect that to the server (Pi) then you’ll be able to use your phone to turn the light on/off whilst using the Pi to watch a film.

You should really make an attempt to use the forum search. Most things you are asking here have all been covered.


Hi folks! :))

I’m intending to ditch my old DLink NAS 320L and switch to Raspberry Pi2. I’ve been testing OSMC on a friend’s RB P1, however, I would like to ask you whether I would be able to do the following as well?

So far I know that I can have a kick-ass media centre with OSMC, but I would like also to have my HDD attached to the RB P2 and access on the network.

Also, I am looking forward if I could install somekind of a torrent client (like Transmission)?

Last I was wondering if I can access the storage and the eventual torrent client from outside home network?