OSMC Scope IMDB ratings?

Is there a way to show IMDB ratings with the Scope skin?

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The scope skin should show the imdb ratings on the second video info dialog page accessible via the “plot” button… If the scraper has pulled in these ratings, of course :blush:

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Ah, I didn’t realize I need to press the I key on my keyboard to get to the next screen. Now I see the ratings from IMDB when I select plot. When I first press the I key, it gives me basic info about the movie but the words are on top of other words. Any idea why it’s doing that?

You’re using a v21 Kodi test build that still shows this bug. It’s not related to our skin.

I switched to Kodi 20.5 and that fixed the issue. The ratings say they are from Trakt though, so how do I get ratings from Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB?

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It purely depends on the scraper you use, which ratings it can provide and whether this has to be configured in the scraper’s settings manually.

One note on scraper settings (because this bites people all the time). The settings you get to going through the addon are basically template settings. When you create a source, those template settings are copied to each source. So once you create a source you need to go to that source to change the settings. And if the change you make is what you want for any new sources, you also need to go to the scraper addon and change the settings there.

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