OSMC Scraper Showing Thunbnails


Updated to Raspberry Pi 4 yesterday and got everything working except the scraper function. If I use Universal Scraper or The Movie DB, either one gives me all the correct information except it always shows the Thumbnail in my movie collection instead of the movie poster and fanart as the background. Not sure why. If I manually then select the Movie Poster and fanart, it does not keep my choices but instead reverts back to the Thumbnail. Since this issue occurs no matter which Scraper I use, I’m thinking it’s a OSMC bug perhaps?


OSMC does not maintain its own scrapers. All the scrapers are from Kodi. Are you sure the movies are actually setting the wrong art and not an issue like using an outdated skin or having your movie view set to a display mode that is suppose to show thumbs? If you bring up a information window for a movie does it show the movie poster there or the thumb? Are you using local media info files, extra artwork plugins, etc. Some of this may have been answered if you provided logs…