OSMC Setting Service Failed to Launch - and can't upgrade to KODI 15

Hi, as per description the ‘My OSMC’ won’t run.

Second issue (maybe related) is that I can’t appear to update KODI to 15.1.

Have tried the usual sudo apt-get update / dist-upgrade etc.

My versions are showing as follows:

cat /etc/os-release | grep VERSION_ID

grep Kodi .kodi//temp/kodi.log | head -3
08:00:09 T:3023585280 NOTICE: Starting Kodi (14.1 Git:Unknown). Platform: Linux ARM 32-bit
08:00:09 T:3023585280 NOTICE: Using Release Kodi x32 build (version for Raspberry Pi)
08:00:09 T:3023585280 NOTICE: Kodi compiled Jan 30 2015 by GCC 4.9.1 for Linux ARM 32-bit version 3.16.7 (200711)

Any ideas?


Which logs in particular please?

Easy grab-logs -A