OSMC + shairport-sync

Would it be possible to compile this library into OSMC/Kodi? Supposedly the developer has got iOS 9 support working.

it appears Kodi 16.0 beta 1 has iOS 9 support for AirPlay. Any note on when Kodi 16 hits OSMC? Until it reaches final? @sam_nazarko

Same question was ask a couple of hours ago.
There are still some issues to be solved before Kodi 16 will be coming to OSMC but Sam is confident it will be on time.
And Airplay support for IOS 9 seems to be audio only.

Ah my bad, thought it was appropriate since the initial question was about a month ago. Thank you for the speedy response! :slight_smile:

edit: audio only works for me

+1 - Shairport-sync is great! If included, please compile with --with-pipe
as well as the config file.

BTW: Which package is the current airplay option using? Where do I need to look to manually install the shairport-sync?

I agree it would be a brilliant if a way could be found for osmc to work with shairport-sync…

My current set-up includes1 rpi/osmc, plus 5 airplay-compatible music receivers (2 airmusic, 3 rpi’s) and one of those rpi’s also has an itunes library via forked daapd.

I much prefer osmc to be my one and only media centre hub, with output to airplay receivers.


My setup included 2 pi’s running retropie and osmc - where it seems like streaming from my iOS devices does not work to osmc (running stock shairport), but is does work on retropie (where I’ve installed shairport-sync)

Another vote for adding shairport-sync. It allows the audio simultaneously sent to multiple airplay devices to be in sync rather than each device playing back with different audio delays.

Any chance of getting support for Airplay multi-device audio synchronization as provided by shairport-sync…see GitHub - mikebrady/shairport-sync: AirPlay and AirPlay 2 audio player for additional information. This would aid my quest for whole-house synchronized audio support for all audio sources. Airplay without multi-destination audio synchronization is crippled Airplay.

Sorry for the repost…I forgot I left the above message a month ago. My mistake.

+1 (integration within kodi would be nice)