OSMC Skin - added 2 items to Videos sub-menu, now home screen is blank

Hi, I just downloaded and installed the latest OSMC update. I then switched to the OSMC skin. I customized the Home Menu by deleting a few items and had no problem. Then I added to sub-menu items to the Videos category. I exited out of settings to the home screen. Now, all I see is the OSMC skin with OSMC displayed in the top left-hand corner and the date and time in the top right-hand corner. The rest of the screen is blank. All the menu items have vanished.

I can’t access settings to change the skin and I can’t restore the backup I made prior to installing the update.

Can anyone help me? If you need me to upload any files please let me know.



Pressing ‘s’ on the keyboard will open up the shutdown menu and from there you’ll find a link to Settings.

Sounds like a problem with the skin shortcuts script.

Thank you so much for the quick response. I was able to get to Settings by doing as you suggested and I changed the skin back to the one I had before. Very much appreciated!!! K.