OSMC skin: Album thumbnails when Music item is highlighted

In previous OSMC versions, when the Music menu item at the OSMC skin was highlighted, I saw random thumbnails from my album collection.
When I switch to the Kodi (Estuary) skin that still works (for those albums where the corresponding image files exist in the album folder):

However at the OSMC skin, now when Music is highlighted, nothing shows up on the right side.
Only when I go inside Music, I see my album thumbnails.
For Movies it still shows thumbnails from the main menu though:

How can I get the album thumbnails at the OSMC skin when Music is highlighted as well, same as for random movies?

The random music widget still is the default. No idea why it disappeared on your home screen.

You can fully adjust the home screen including widgets via Settings/Interface/Skin/- Configure skin…/Home/Adjust home menu. There you’ll find the option Manage widgets for every home menu entry. You’ll find the Random albums widget under Default widgets/Playlists.

Hope, that helps :+1:t2:

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Yeah, I think it worked, even though I find this configuration wizard quite complex.
It now shows random albums on the right side, still without thumbnails for the most part, however I think updating the music library will do the trick,

Thanks buddy :slightly_smiling_face:

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It is indeed quite complex. It’s relying on an addon which gives us the customization options. If I could simplify those settings, I’d definitely do so. :+1:t2: But after getting used to it, it should serve its purpose quite well.

Good that you could get the widget back that you were missing :slightly_smiling_face: