OSMC Skin, Change Movie Widget from "Random" to "Recently Added"

Many thanks darwin! I’ll report back, when it still crashes.

Can I ask one hugely off-topic question: I use the OSMC skin but would like to change the default view mode from “Random Movies” to “Last added”… I have been looking and looking for an option but could not find anything. Did I miss something or ist this just not available in the default side-by-side mode (if that is the right name),

Thanks again!


I not sure which view your talking about, but I didn’t think any of them were set to random by default. If your talking about library views then there is a slideout menu that can be accessed with one of the direction buttons (there should be an arrow pointing to where) or with the OSMC remote by holding down the menu button. If you are talking about a widget you added then you can edit them now in the OSMC skin settings I think (I haven’t played with it since Chillbo said he added that feature). If you can be more specific then that may help us help you :grin:

@ghuber I split your second question to a new topic. Since I also spent some time to figure out how to change the Movie widget “Random Movies” to “Recently Added Movies”, for the sake of simplicity, here is a series of screenshots

Select and edit/confirm the widget title, go back with the back button till main menu. Keep in mind you’ll see the “unseen” movies only but sorted by last date added, descending:


cool, many thanks for the work! I had done everything until the “manage wiglets” part, because frankly, I did not know what a wiglet is :wink:

Many thanks!