OSMC skin - changes lost sometimes after reboot

I use the default skin on my Vero 4K+ but with a few minor changes (removing categories from side menu, changing widgets, etc.). Those changes are sometimes lost after a reboot of my Vero 4K+. I also use the OSMC skin on my Fire TV 4K stick Kodi install and this has the same issue but much more frequently. It’s like the skin has been reset to defaults.

Are all of your customizations done inside of the GUI? I don’t recall anyone posting about this particular issue before. Is their something a bit non-standard about your setup like storing your userdata on a secondary device? Perhaps if you supplied some logs that may offer some insight…

Yes. All I do is hide a few of the default categories like Videos, Pictures, Games, etc. and change the widgets for Movies and TV shows to unwatched (from whatever the defaults are). That’s it.

No nothing like that. I only have 3 add-ons installed - Video Database Cleaner, Keymap Editor and Library Auto Updater.

Have you ever restored a backup of your settings on the systems affected?


Then it might be helpful to follow @darwindesign advice so we can see what’s happening on your system:

After the fact? I won’t be able to do this:

You should then perform a reboot of your device and perform only the minimum actions required to replicate this issue so that it is easy to identify the cause of the problem.

To be perfectly honest with you I’m really struggling to think of a reason why this would be happening, especially on two different devices. Are you maybe running an old version of the skin?

On the FTV I have the latest skin. On the Vero 4K+ I have no idea as I would assume that gets updated whenever OSMC releases a major update and I’m on the latest OSMC release. The issue never occurred until Kodi 20. On the FTV I updated to 20 right away and that’s when it started happening and of course with the Vero 4K+ there was no 20 update but once I upgraded to 20.1 it started happening.

What is on Github is newer than what has been released for OSMC stable right now but if they are both running a version made for Kodi v20 I don’t think that would be the issue.

That’s what I’m using for the Fire TV.

I don’t know what the Vero is using. I’ll check next time I have that TV on.