OSMC Skin customization

I’m looking to customise the OSMC default skin. I know some will say to just change skin, but I generally really like the default skin, I would just like to tweak some features.

So far I have made a copy of the skin directory to ~/.kodi/addons and edited the addon.xml file to a custom skin name.
I’d like to edit the font size of the main menu font. Can someone tell me which font number in the Font.xml is being called for the main menu? Also, which xml file governs the main menu itself (I also might look into changing some things with spacing).

The second thing I’m curious to do, which I expect might be a bit more complicated, is change the default main menu file view from a row to a grid. I have figured out how to set the “wall” view after entering a menu item, but I would like to change the default “preview view” (not sure sure what it’s called). I’m not quite sure where to start on that – so any hints would be great.


Kodi forum has a lot of skinning explanations.

But for our benefit – what do you want to change in the default view?

CC @Chillbo