OSMC Skin enhancement

I have recently began using the OSMC skin, having switched from Aura. I am enjoying the skin and have almost no complaints, as it runs smooth and provides great customization. One of the features I miss, is the ability to see “similar” movies (or TV shows) when viewing the information screen. While I realize the intent is to keep the skin minimal (and so I will not ask if you ever intend to incorporate the ExtendedInfo Script), I would ask if it is possible to get a related tab on the information screens.

Great to hear that! :slightly_smiling_face:

To be honest, I don’t see this as an addition quite likely to come to the OSMC Skin in the near future. The information dialog already offers quite a few tabs and more would make it look over populated and, as you point out correctly, not minimalistic anymore. What we have atm is already quite a lot. So, I have to be honest here as my reply is: no, at least not soon, I’m afraid.

I hope you’ll enjoy the skin nonetheless.