OSMC Skin for other hardware

I was wondering if there was any way I could use the OSMC skin on Kodi running on my mac? I really like it and would like it to be consistent with my tv

It’s compatible with any Kodi 14.x or 15.x release.

It is at https://github.com/osmc/osmc/tree/master/package/mediacenter-skin-osmc/files/usr/share/kodi/addons


  • We’re working on it constantly
  • It’s currently packaged in a way that won’t update itself
  • We plan to make it available in the future to Kodi users in a more convenient manner



Thanks! Not really sure how to proceed with that link / use github so I will wait until one day it’s made available :slight_smile:

Looking forward to being able to use the same skin (and hopefully update it from a backup of osmc vero) on my android phone/tablet :wink: