OSMC skin - Movies widget not updating

I’m having trouble with the Movies home screen widget.

I want it to display unwatched movies only, and like for TV-series, I assumed that the “Recent Movies” setting did just that. It seemed to work right after installing OSMC a couple of days ago, but now it doesn’t update to reflect changes in the watched-status of my movies! Tried the other settings for the Movies widget, but no luck! The widget doesn’t populate.

Before OSMC I used the Amber skin in Raspbmc, and never had this problem. In Amber “Recent Movies” always diplayed unwatched movies and updated almost instantaneouly.

For TV-series the widget works as expected, i.e “Recent episodes” displays unwatched episodes and also updates immediatly.

Any others having the same problem?

Would a log be helpful in this case? Which log would be of interest?

Rpi1 512 MB
OSMC stable
OSMC skin

Am I the only one having this problem? It really annoys me since I reslly like the OSMC skin and would hate to change skin because of this! In my opinion the home screen widgets are an essential part of the skin, and like I said, they worked flawlessly in the Amber skin on Rasbmc! Last osmc update didn’t fix this either.